Known issues with widgets

Here are some known issues with widgets:
  • Google Now - on some phones, Google Now appears to take up rows that it doesn't use and in some cases when you resize the widget, it doesn't get properly filled in with Google Now cards
  • Shortcut widgets* - Z Launcher does not support this kind of widget at this time. If you think it is important that Z Launcher support these in the future, please voice your opinion in our UserVoice discussion on the topic

If you are having issues with a widget not listed here, please submit a request on our main feedback page:

*More on shortcut widgets: Some Android widgets are based on what is known as “shortcut widgets” – these are small button-like widgets that usually don’t show live information in the widget, but just serve as a one-touch shortcut to a particular part of the app. Some examples of this are Vine’s Capture widget and the Tumblr quick post widgets.

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