Settings (Preferences)

First go to your A-Z app list by tapping the app list button (the center icon on your dock) From there, find the faint gear in the upper right corner and tap on it.
  • Turn off web search
  • Reset the default home screen launcher (use this to return to using your previous home screen launcher)
  • Reset identifier.  Our algorithm studies your phone usage to help it understand how you use your phone so we can present the right apps, contacts and websites.  To help improve our algorithm, we look at how often the things we promote are the things you choose - but we also maintain your anonymity by de-identifying all your usage so that as we perform our analysis, we don’t really know who you are – all your usage is simply linked to an identifier generated within the app that you can change at any time.
  • Show tutorial – in case it went by took quickly the first time, you can try our first-time tutorial again to make sure you caught it all.
  • Launcher Information – this is where you can re-review our terms and policies.
  • Help and Feedback – simply links to our website so you can get to pages like this!
  • Update – checks for and updates our app to the latest version.  We need this since we are not relying on another marketplace app to update our own app.

Feedback and Knowledge Base