I need help installing the app

If you’re having trouble installing here are a few areas we can help you troubleshoot:
  1. Make sure you follow the instructions at go.zlauncher.com
  2. Double check that you follow and complete the instructions about “Unknown Sources” (Note: mobile carriers occasionally limit select models of locked phones from seeing and changing this option, if you don’t see it, double check with your carrier to see if they have disabled it on your phone).
  3. Note that you can go directly to our website zlauncher.com on your phone (use your phone’s Internet Browser) and download the file directly to your phone (it will end up in your phone’s download folder).
  4. If you have trouble finding the app on your phone (this is an apk file) or getting to your download folder, you may need to install a file browser for your phone (for example, “ES File Explorer File Manager”).
  5. If you see our file “zlauncher.apk”, that’s the app, just click on this and follow the instructions on screen to complete the install.  Our app may also have some other text in the name in between zlauncher and .apk like “zlauncher-release.apk” – this is fine and you should proceed in clicking on this file.
  6. If you still need help, please reach out to our user support team.

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